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Visualising Innovation Eco-Systems

What do people say?
InnovoFlow will help you discover new freedoms to Innovate.  We believe that:
Innovation does not just happen for free or by magic - it’s like a game you can choose to win
Visualising and exploring your Innovation Eco-System will give you
the confidence and agility needed to play your own Innovation Game successfully
Now is the time to get ready for when the downturn ends

InnovoFlow believes that companies don’t exercise their full freedom to innovate.  It is critical that we develop the ability to consider and integrate new options as they emerge, to construct an Innovation Architecture that is fit for purpose in a changing world.
Often, an organization’s approach to innovation is emergent in the sense that it is based upon legacy experiences and opportunities, and rooted on what it took to turn these into value. This can mean that you are only as good as your last innovation, which may not be good enough for tomorrow’s markets.
Just as great team players have to develop peripheral vision, the ability to spot the gap in the opposition defence, and change the way they play within the game, great innovative organizations need to become better than their last approach to innovation, with the ability and agility to customise and integrate options as they emerge, in real-time.

Innovation is a game that keeps changing; and if we want to win, we need to develop the ability to play an agile innovation game.

By using a sophisticated business game (InnovoZone), InnovoFlow helps organisations:

We will work with you to develop new freedoms to innovate.  See more detail on our Services page and read the White Paper on Innovation Velocity.

What is InnovoFlow all about?
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When many of the old ways are broken, we need new ways to do things better and differently
• 15.9.2011 • 19.1.2012

InnovoFlow showcases InnovoZone at the ECCI 12th European Conference on creativity and innovation in Faro, Portugal.  See the short Video profile

InnovoZone game adopted at the Avans University in the Netherlands to support their Advanced Business Creation course.

“The decision making processes when we become ‘practicing entrepreneurs’ can be challenging at best and overwhelming at worst.  They say  that ‘inside every big problem there are lots of little problems trying to get out’ and there is no better way to identify those ‘lots of little problems’ than the InnovoZone Game.  I found the simulation accelerated thinking about taking ideas to market, developing risk awareness, resource allocation, and other innovation-related issues, to be insightful and potentially extremely valuable.  Even after founding over a dozen innovation-based businesses, I think I would definitely find this an invaluable exercise and fun to boot!”

Andre Walton - Creative Paths

• 18.7.2013

InnovoZone game used at Cisco

Agile Innovation Leadership Workshop in RTP, North Carolina