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Visualising Innovation Eco-Systems

InnovoFlow Ltd was formed late in 2008 by Simon Evans and Victor Newman, with the objective of helping organisations increase their freedom to innovate which we believe has suffered over the last decade as the pressures of the world economic climate impact businesses. We believe that by modelling your innovation environment as an eco-system with different  zones to hold a wide range of activities, we can give you new freedoms to innovate, and develop your agile innovation leadership skills.

Innovation is so critical to the ongoing success of any organisation big or small that it deserves to be taken very seriously in terms of the investment of resources.  We will help you:

Diagnose what is wrong with your innovation eco-system

Visualise the whole end-to-end process to ensure support for all aspects of the process

We believe that by playing our version of “The Innovation Game”, InnovoFlow will help you play your own Innovation Game back in your business and increase you ability and freedom to innovate.
About Us
Environmental Policy
InnovoFlow Ltd takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.  See our Environmental Policy
The People Behind InnovoFlow
Simon Biography Naomi Biography
Victor Newman is an Internationally renowned innovation and knowledge management consultant and author    >more...
Victor Biography
Simon Evans is an experienced  consultant with expertise in novel ways to manage intranets in order to deliver real value        >more...
Naomi G Williams is a highly talented user experience designer, trainer and consultant based in North Carolina              >more...

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